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3 Things Changing IT Forever

3 Things Changing IT Forever

Addressing the rapidly evolving challenges of business in the hostile cyber landscape.  The world around us is in a constant state of change, and that's not all bad. In this blog, we delve a bit into the three (3) things…

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Ivanti Neurons’ Hyper-Automation Is A Proven Game-Changer

Ivanti Neurons Hyper-Automation

Ivanti Neurons is a game-changer for many organizations with its hyper-automation platform. Many IT organizations are confronted with ever-increasing challenges such as device proliferation, demand to access data from anywhere, and ensuring security both on and off-campus. The pandemic caused…

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Making the Transition

I've long been an advocate of working remotely, in many aspects it's allowed me to be somewhat more productive than having to sit in the office. I've also never quite got my head around the concept of starting my day…

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