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IT Service Management

Through comprehensive ITIL® process coverage and a full suite of features, Cherwell® Service Management software advances your service desk’s efficiency and provides an extraordinary omni-channel customer experience.

With Cherwell’s truly codeless design, you can be more responsive to the business through the delivery of IT services based on industry best practice and design. With Adaptive and Cherwell, you can take the pain out of upgrades and maintenance and allow us to configure the system to your business requirements.

Powerful workflow and task automation that goes far beyond traditional IT trouble ticketing software

IT Service Desk

Cherwell Service Management offers powerful workflow and task automation that goes far beyond traditional IT trouble ticketing software. Using Cherwell’s powerful workflow automation, IT organizations can automate repetitive and complex tasks, reducing labour intensity and optimizing costs. Automate ITIL Request Fulfillment and improve Incident Management, and efficiently manage requests and issues with a full view of the IT environmental and organizational context. Ensure your service desk team delivers on established service level agreements and achieve business outcomes.

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ITIL Processes

Allow your operation to benefit from the eleven most commonly used ITIL® processes, all verified and available within Cherwell Service Management. Take advantage of ITIL service operations processes such as Incident Management, Problem Management, and Request Fulfillment, and leverage key ITIL service transition processes including Change, Configuration, and Release and Deployment Management.

IT Self-Service Portal

Through a fully configurable self-service portal start empowering business users, while reducing the volume of tickets handled by the service desk. It delivers knowledge articles to end-users, offers local language support, and is easily configured and tailored for different users or roles. With Cherwell service desk software, you can set up multiple, localized, easy-to-use web portals to service different customer roles or functions and deliver a personalized experience—all powered by a responsive ITIL-based service catalog.

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Intuitive Help Desk Reporting & Dashboards

Cherwell’s best-of-breed service desk reporting capabilities include out-of-the-box, role-based dashboards and performance metrics that provide exactly the information help desk technicians and stakeholders need. Quickly integrate any metric into your own dashboards—no coding or database expertise required—or add reports to the portal for managers to run on the fly without consuming additional licenses.

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Reduce Costs with Concurrent, Inclusive Licensing

IT is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs while improving service delivery. Cherwell ITSM Software helps you achieve both these objectives with a concurrent (shared) licensing model that provides more flexibility and less expense. Customer-friendly, inclusive licensing means that portal users, manager approvals, password resets, and other automation and integrations do not require additional licenses. Automation of common tasks, combined with ease of administration and maintenance, further reduces professional services costs and implementation times.

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Incident and Request Management

Submit requests for goods and services, report issues, and check status. Handle associated tickets, fulfilling requests and remediating incidents. With Cherwell, you can get a visual guide to the key activities of Incident Management—one of the most important ITIL processes—including recording, classification, and investigation. Easily examine the specific data required to respond to each classified incident, and respond quickly and consistently with One-Step™ actions.

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Change Management

Simplify configuration and improve the experience of one of the most challenging-to-implement ITSM processes. Cherwell’s ITIL-based visual workflows guide you through each core activity of Change Management. Use the visualization manager to know in advance how changes will impact your assets, and eliminate conflicts—both upstream and downstream. After completing a project, use the post-implementation questionnaire to effortlessly conduct post-change analysis to understand how changes impacted timelines, expenses, or goals.

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Configuration Management

Improve ITSM processes by centrally managing configuration items, utilizing associated information, and visualizing relationships.

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Problem Management

Once a problem has been identified, Cherwell enables you to prevent further incidents from being logged into the system by rapidly communicating the known problem to your end-users. Simple One-Step actions let you notify customers via email, Twitter®, and RSS feeds. Once a problem is resolved, Cherwell Service Management can automatically close all linked incidents and notify end users.

IT Asset Management

Track and manage the life cycle of hardware and software assets supported by the service desk. Cherwell® Asset Management is a software asset management (SAM) tool built for organizations that want to reduce software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. It allows you to consolidate your hardware and software license, usage, and inventory data to seamlessly track and manage IT investments—and abandon Excel spreadsheets. Cherwell Asset Management integrates seamlessly with Cherwell ITSM, populating the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data.

ITIL Event Management

Cherwell Service Management easily integrates with various network monitoring tools, alerting the service desk of issues—or potentially fixing them before your end-users and customers even know anything is wrong. Create rules so that when an event happens, such as a failed server notification, an incident is created and subsequent notifications are tied to it.

ITIL Knowledge Management

Reduce service requests by providing “Google®-like” one-click access to federated knowledge searches of existing modules, PDFs, Microsoft® Office, and URLs. Powerful Knowledge Management features empower both service desk staff and end-users to improve resolution times by providing a repository to successfully capture, structure, and reuse service.

ITIL Request Fulfillment

Streamline and automate common service requests such as new employee set-up and requests for equipment. End users can easily select services from your service catalog and track progress of their requests via the self-service portal. Technicians can quickly review, approve, and communicate the status of requests to end users with simple One-Step actions.

ITIL Service Asset & Configuration Management

Improve incident and request resolution times by providing up-to-date asset information to support staff. Cherwell Service Management provides a visual, graphical representation of not only all upstream and downstream configuration items (CI), but also services, changes, contracts, releases, and end-users associated with the CI.

ITIL Service Catalog

Provide an actionable, easy-to-use service catalog that presents end users with only those specific services to which they are entitled. You can even provide associated costs, estimated delivery times, and use the Cherwell Service Management Product Catalog or a third-party catalog to enable charge-backs.

ITIL Release Management

Ensure that changes are released into the production environment without service disruptions that cause unplanned downtime, lost revenue, and disgruntled customers by utilizing out-of-the-box, fully integrated ITIL-based processes. Bundle changes into a single release, and automatically update all configuration items in the configuration management database (CMDB).

ITIL Service Level Management

Monitoring capabilities in Cherwell Service Management proactively warn you of pending service-level agreement (SLA) breaches and provide critical performance metrics. Easily track SLAs based on services, CIs, customer levels, or any combination you choose.

ITIL Service Portfolio Management

Promote transparency and demonstrate value by presenting a business-oriented view of available services, related costs, and quality metrics. Cherwell Service Management links all internal relationships and provides a graphical representation of configuration items, SLAs, and OLAs required for each service—revealing the overall impact of Incident, Problem, and Change requests on service availability

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