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Information Security Management

Cherwell’s Information Security Management solution provides enterprise security management capabilities such as risk and compliance management and incident request management on top of the Cherwell® Service Platform.

Cherwell’s Information Security Management solution addresses the demands of both security and service desk leaders. Enable your IT organisation to reduce risk and improve compliance while making your service desk more powerful and secure than ever.

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Minimize the impact of security events and incidents with automated and proven security lifecycle management

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Governing risk and compliance is never easy, but having a unified framework and dashboard can improve efficiency and control.

Most organizations in the mid-enterprise are using a mess of spreadsheets and stand-alone documents to define policy and controls, identify and mitigate risks, and manage compliance. This approach is highly inefficient and could leave your organization open to audit risks. Cherwell Information Security Management provides a simple way to unify your GRC management so all authority documents, citations, controls, and risks are tracked in a single system.

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Security Incident Response Management

Minimize the impact of security events and incidents with automated and proven security lifecycle management.

As cyber-attacks become more common, organizations need to be prepared to efficiently manage the increasing volume and severity of security events and incidents. The Cherwell Security Management solution is designed based on a proven NIST framework for security incident response and remediation that allows organizations to handle incidents efficiently and effectively.

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Automate Security Event Creation from Many Sources

One of the keys to a successful event and incident handling is ensuring that as you detect relevant events, they are recorded into a single system to properly gather associated data and rapidly assess the priority of the event based on severity and other factors. Cherwell ISM allows you to integrate with other monitoring systems like SIEM solutions to ensure security event records are captured.

Link Security Events to IT Incident and Change

There is a relatively high correlation between security events and the need to carry out remediation through IT incident and/or change management. Cherwell ISM allows you to rapidly create or link associated IT incident or change management tickets to accelerate containment, eradication and recover in IT systems.

POPIA Management

Improve your visibility into Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) or related data protection management from security controls to incident management to managing data requests from data subjects. Data privacy and protection is critical to your organization, and no regulation has farther reaching requirements than POPIA.

Cherwell ISM provides a proven way to map POPIA Articles to your security controls to ensure requirements are met and risks mitigated. Comprehensive Incident Management allows you to meet the incident reporting deadline and contact data subjects as appropriate, while you can extend our self-service portal to provide entities a simple way to make and track requests concerning data access, rectification, erasure, and portability.

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