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Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance

In today’s challenging global economy, business opportunities and threats are constantly changing. There is a need for identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring the organisation’s business opportunities and threats. Adaptive’s Governance, Risk and Compliance manage solution allows the effective management of Risks, both Up-side (Opportunities) and Down-Side (Threats) on an ongoing basis.

Our platform has been aligned to Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (COSO) or the ISO31000:2009 frameworks as well as having extensible enhanced due diligence capabilities.

Take advantage of deep-seated risk management expertise and technology, based on industry best practice frameworks and experience

Adaptive’s GRC Overview

Enable your organisation to take advantage of deep seated risk management expertise and technology based on industry best practice frameworks and experience. Comprehensive system capabilities include automated document assembly, integrated reporting and full workflow enablement and enhanced due diligence capabilities.

Adaptive’s GRC Automation

Fully automate customer due diligence and on-boarding or automate yearly compliance assessments, Adaptive can help transform your compliance capabilities through automation without breaking the bank.

Wave goodbye to manual processes that slow down customer onboarding and acquisition and remove the risk of human error. Automation allows you to free up your team to focus on exceptions, whilst enabling straight through processing and ongoing management.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Conduct all your necessary compliance checks from within the Adaptive’s due diligence solution, including individual and company level identity and fraud checks. This includes access to verified data for the purposes of FICA, KYC, AML and Enhanced Due Diligence.

Our comprehensive due diligence offering also allows for PEP, sanctions and media screening to ensure your prospective clients meet your risk based framework requirements.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Digitally onboard and manage your customers without manual interventions and full e-signature enablement. E-signature integration includes Adobe and DocuSign. Once on boarded customers can be supported and maintained through the built-in CRM, internal helpdesk and project management capabilities.

Portal access allows customers to engage directly with you to ensure better customer service and delivery.

Ready to digitally transform your governance, risk and compliance capabilities?

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