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CLM for Legal Operations

Increase your legal departments efficiency whilst reducing risk in your contract generation and approval processes. Through Agiloft’s CLM solution legal departments of all sizes can leverage industry recognized best practice technology to enhance your legal departments contact management capability.

Get the truth about your revenue projections

Mine your contract data for the real deal(s)

Contracts represent a single source of truth in commercial activities. Extract and organize data from your contracts to inform every aspect of your business. Build custom dashboards and reports to track KPIs and issue alerts by department, individual, customer, or any other variable.

Take charge of your compliance

Automate compliance to reduce risk and increase productivity.

Whether it is regulatory compliance like PFMA, FICA, POPIA or the monitoring of contractual terms and SLAs, manage compliance with automatic notifications, full audit trail, and configurable, precise controls.

Reduce the burden of repetitive paperwork

Bring order to the legal process through increased automation and standardization.

Automate workflows and notifications that let you streamline processes, drive efficiencies, and make your team’s workloads manageable.

Enable legal to improve service delivery to business

Speed up legal approval cycles and increase revenue.

Take advantage of mobile-friendly one-click email approvals and customized workflows to slash review times.

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