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Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management

Take full advantage of Agiloft’s comprehensive features and benefits through its flagship contract lifecycle management (CLM) suite. Agiloft CLM is built on a no-code platform and is fully customizable. Through its best practice functionality for buy and sell-side contract management it includes a contract repository and templates, clause library, flexible approval workflows, built-in AI, security and compliance safeguards, automated notifications and seamless integration with existing systems.

CLM software helps organisations drive long-term revenue growth, maintain cost discipline, and minimize compliance risk

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract management software helps organisations drive long-term revenue growth, maintain cost discipline, and minimize compliance risk. Built on a no-code platform, the software is easy to set up and configure. Agiloft was recently named a Leader in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Contract Life Cycle Management.

Agiloft was also the top-rated provider for every use case in Gartner’s just published Critical Capabilities for Contract Life Cycle Management report. With so many cases that are applicable to each and every organisation, see below some of our most common applications for Agiloft CLM within your company:

Contract Repository

  • All contract information available immediately through configurable dashboards, charts, reports as well as saved views in flexible formats.
  • Searching for any contract clause through full-text search of contracts and associated files. Built-in OCR converts JPG and PDF image files into text documents for optimized searching capabilities. Original versions are retained for audit purposes.
  • Through the creation of unlimited templates, you can automate any contract or workflow process at an instant.

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Template and Clause Libraries

  • Instant contract creation with approved templates based on corporate standards as well as the use of dynamic clause libraries to create custom agreements based on agreement type.
  • Easily manage your contract language by clause type, usage, priority, status, team, owner, contract templates or any other metadata.
  • Add and configure custom fields for specific clause library requirements quickly and easily.

Approval Workflows and Contract Execution

  • Automate the simplest to the most complex approval processes by using either sequential, parallel, and conditional approval flows within the system.
  • Manage workflows and collaboration with outside parties through vendor/client portals.
  • Streamline contract reviews with concurrent editing, automated redlining and version control.
  • Built-in Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration give you secure, legally enforceable e-signature capability.

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  • Secure and keep your data safe with an application and hosting infrastructure validated by 3rd party security firms
  • Added security through the availability of configurable two-factor authentication.
  • Data is protected with a doubly redundant infrastructure, replication and redundant SSD drives.
  • Precise access controls down to the specific fields within records provides an additional level of security and protection against data breaches.


  • Comply with local regulatory requirements like PFMA, GDPR and POPIA while managing risk, with precise controls, and a complete audit trail for every contract.
  • Monitor and report on all your deemed risk factors including regulatory compliance and commercial health of contractual relationships.
  • Utilise the built-in analytics and compliance features or supplement with easily built reports based on your own metrics.

Buy Side

  • Monitor contract obligations, and supplier performance against service level agreements.
  • Increase visibility through customized reports and automatic alerts for items ranging from budgets, spend to expirations by department, status, vendor and a whole host of other variables.
  • Use pre-built integrations to ERP systems or integrate through API for improved budgeting, spend and vendor management.

Sell Side

  • Integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce to instantly generate sell-side documents like proposals, MSAs and sales agreements.
  • Manage and monitor complex pricing agreements, discounts, future commitments, SLAs, deliverables, expirations and compliance with licensing agreements to minimize revenue leakage.
  • Set up custom dashboards that track KPIs and issue alerts by department, individual, customer or any other variable.

Alerts and Performance Tracking

  • Ensure the timely execution of key processes with automated alerts, escalations and assignments through integrated email and SMS messaging.
  • Measure KPI’s and spot bottlenecks with comprehensive dashboards and reports.
  • Visualize and drill down into data with graphical charts and custom Excel reports and pivot tables.

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