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IT Asset Management

IT teams need accurate insight into asset information to effectively manage any process that involves Configuration Items (CIs). Information such as who is responsible for an asset, who is using it, where is it located, when was it acquired, what lease or support contracts are associated, and much more.

This information is essential for effective Incident, Problem, Request, Change, and Service Level Management. Effective management of assets involves more than just tracking them, it requires management of the entire IT asset life cycle.

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Gain visibility and get control over IT assets

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Request fulfilment is one of the main activities of the service desk, but it is challenging without understanding what assets are currently available. Cherwell provides an IT Asset Lifecycle solution as a downloadable mApp, which governs request through purchase and receiving within Cherwell Service Management. With the solution, end users can request IT goods (assets) through the self-service portal by selecting

CAM Integration

Cherwell Service Management integrates seamlessly with Cherwell Asset Management (CAM). CAM is an IT asset management (ITAM) solution that integrates data related to hardware and software inventory, application usage, software license entitlements, and IT purchases.

IT investments can be effectively tracked from purchase to retirement. With this integration, you can populate the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data, providing service desk staff with information needed for effective Incident, Problem, Request, Change, and Configuration Management.

Cherwell Asset Management Features

Hardware and Software Inventory

Take the guesswork out of what’s installed across your network with powerful IT asset discovery and inventory reporting.

License Compliance Management

Proactively monitor your license inventory and usage to correct deficits before an audit.

Software Usage Analysis

Reclaim 15-20% of your annual software budget through license re-allocation and optimization.

ITAM Purchasing System

Consolidate IT procurement and licensing information and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.

ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)

ITIL® Service Asset and Configuration Management aims to maintain accurate information about Configuration Items (CIs) required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships. This information is maintained in one or more configuration management databases (CMDBs) and an is essential for effective Incident, Problem, Change, and Request Management, as well as other key processes. Cherwell meets 100 percent of the PinkVERIFY 2011 requirements for SACM.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Cherwell Service Management natively includes SIAM and Multi-Sourcing Service Integration (MSI) capabilities for managing delivery of services across multiple suppliers. SIAM capabilities span supplier, risk, service level, service portfolio, and portal management activities. Supplier scorecards present real-time information on performance and calculate an aggregated grade.

Non-IT Asset Management

Reflecting the flexibility of the Cherwell platform, the system can be easily extended to track and manage non-IT assets. Cherwell Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions such Facilities extend asset management to items such as light bulbs or toner cartridges. The Cherwell IT Asset Management Purchase Request through Receiving solution further enhances non-IT capabilities by tracking parts (e.g air compressor filters) that are generally not tracked in the CMDB.

Managing your IT and physical assets has never been easier

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