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3 Things Changing IT Forever

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Addressing the rapidly evolving challenges of business in the hostile cyber landscape. 

The world around us is in a constant state of change, and that’s not all bad. In this blog, we delve a bit into the three (3) things changing IT forever! Technology is rapidly evolving, as are the tactics used by cybercriminals. Living in a digital age can be stressful.

We rely heavily on networks and devices in our daily lives. But data breaches and cybercrime are topics that are frequently in the headlines. It’s enough to make anyone nervous. However, you don’t have to feel helpless because here at Adaptive we believe that the need for IT risk management is significantly increasing as operational business processes and technology infrastructures become more complicated.

Every day, those in charge of security, such as IT staff, threat and security analysts, and CISOs, are faced with new challenges. Digital transformation has accelerated at hyperspeed because organizations are focused on adjusting to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. The pandemic accelerated a sudden shift to remote work, and the IT teams hurried to ensure everyone was securely connected and supported. Attackers have increasingly waged phishing attacks on mobile devices, which remote workers are using more than ever before.

“Remote work has only increased the risks as employees use more home networks and personal devices and make their own snap decisions about potential threats. Sitting in their home offices, employees can no longer casually turn to a neighbouring colleague and ask whether an email looks authentic,” said Candrick from Gartner.

With Ivanti Neurons, you can transform your enterprise and mitigate the complexity of IT challenges by addressing the threat landscape differently regarding security and risk management. To ensure that “business as usual” is maintained without interruption, IT challenges need to be proactively mitigated.

To be able to expose risks and challenges appropriately and enforce automated processes and procedures to support continuous compliance assurance and mitigate risk, it is necessary to understand your business’s risks and challenges and prioritize them. As a result of the ever-increasing number of devices and media available to businesses, the cyber threat landscape has increased dramatically, therefore, leaving many businesses vulnerable to even more cyber threats and attacks.

At Adaptive we understand that everyone wants security but not everyone knows what to do or which solution to choose to mitigate IT threats. Below we share 3 areas of interest as highlighted by our partner Ivanti that are set to change IT forever.

Here are Three (3) Things Changing IT Forever:

The explosive growth of Edge

41.6 billion connected devices at the edge will generate 79.4 zetta-bytes (ZB) of data by 2025. IT teams need to ensure all these devices and data are efficiently discovered and secured.

Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence’s hyper-automation platform makes it easy for today’s IT Analyst to query all devices, in seconds. And smart dashboards provide quick operational awareness to provide real-time insights that can lead to immediate action.

Organizations can benefit greatly from Edge Intelligence and the power of hyper-automation. Accurately and quickly identifying the issues and moving to swift remediation reduces costs and improves IT teams and end-user experiences. In short, it’s a competitive advantage by limiting the loss of productivity within your organization.

Employees Working Anywhere, Anytime

56% of the workforce works remotely. IT teams need to support multiple generations in the workforce, each with rising expectations.

Ivanti’s annual Everywhere Workplace study surveyed over 6,100 office workers and IT professionals to uncover employee sentiments related to the past, present, and future of work.  The Ivanti case study revealed that the employee priority revolution continues, with a whopping 71% of respondents saying they would prefer to work from anywhere than get a promotion.

“The pandemic has catalysed a monumental shift in where and how people work, The good news is that by increasing automation of common or mundane tasks, companies can improve work-life balance for IT and security teams, prevent data breaches and most importantly improve employee experiences. For example, Ivanti Neurons allows IT departments to reduce complexity, anticipate security threats, reduce unplanned outages, and resolve endpoint issues before employees report them,” said Jeff Abbott, CEO of Ivanti.

Cyber Attacks Targeting Remote Workers

30,000% increase in phishing, website, and malware attacks targeting remote users. IT teams must mitigate risks with early intervention and continuous vulnerability management.

A recent Ivanti remote work survey cited that 66% of IT professionals experienced a rise in security issues this year since the workforce became mostly remote. In another study, more than half of IoT devices were found vulnerable to either medium- or severe-rated attacks. And earlier this year, a hacker published a list of credentials for more than 500,000 home routers, servers, and IoT devices. What is clear is: threat actors have adapted to the recent climate and are pursuing your unsecured endpoints, old routers, and unencrypted VPNs. You must adapt as well.

Cybersecurity threats will remain challenging as remote working extends and data from endpoints and edge devices grows. Ivanti can help you adapt your habits into a self-securing stance.

The Thread actors are consistent in the aspects of running a business in the digital environment. It only takes one setback to incur severe losses. Security teams must continue to work hard to keep up with threats throughout the history of digital business.

The Ivanti neuron’s capabilities will help you accomplish your business goals. The purpose of IT is to help businesses grow by enabling them to take advantage of the data that is stored within their systems. You can effectively transact business, however, access to business data should be granted only to authorized parties for transactions based on electronic data.

Nevertheless, risks always exist, humans are imperfect, and most enterprises lack the proper procedures and technology to ensure that data, infrastructure, network, software, and system fault-tolerance, failover, and integrity are sufficiently mitigated.

At Adaptive we have the answer for the new era to proactively, predictably, and autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices, and self-service end-users. Ivanti neurons provide exactly the mentioned capabilities. See the CIO article on cybersecurity – a view from the top for more insight on how to mitigate cybercrime.

Schedule a demo to learn how Adaptive in partnership with Ivanti can help you avoid low IT quality user experience. Or if you think you’re ready to take the plunge into this new era, request a free trial.




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