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Ivanti Neurons’ Hyper-Automation Is A Proven Game-Changer

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Ivanti Neurons is a game-changer for many organizations with its hyper-automation platform. Many IT organizations are confronted with ever-increasing challenges such as device proliferation, demand to access data from anywhere, and ensuring security both on and off-campus. The pandemic caused a major shift to remote work and has IT departments struggling to stay afloat.

“The immediate shift to widespread remote work certainly brought a host of new concerns for IT teams to contend with. Security, productivity, and connectivity remain essential in a remote workforce, and organizations turn to IT departments for solutions and in short order” article by Rasmussen University on the 5 changes, IT professionals face in the remote workforce.

The business world has progressed from simple task-based workflow automation to human-directed automation that uses no-code or low-code tools to create more complicated process orchestration. Automation has been able to communicate with consumers through conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants (VA) in recent years thanks to AI and machine learning advances.

Now, Ivanti Neurons’ hyper-automation platform is at the next level. Gartner refers to hyper-automation as “a set of business or IT process design and decisions where the scope and degree of automation delivered span a spectrum of technologies.”

Ivanti Neurons is a new hyper-automation platform that empowers organizations to proactively, predictably, and autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices and self-service end-users. Ivanti Neurons augments IT teams with automation bots that detect and resolve issues and security vulnerabilities while improving the accuracy, speed, and cost of services IT delivers. Early adopters of the solution have reduced unplanned outages by up to 63%, reduced time to deploy security updates by 88%, and resolved up to 80% of endpoint issues before users reported them.

With hyper-automation, Ivanti Neuron aims to address the rapid growth and complexity of devices and data, multi-generational remote workforce, and increasing cyber-security threats. By helping organizations mature from basic automation to a confluence of hyper-automation powered by deep learning capabilities, it delivers a self-healing autonomous edge with contextual, anticipatory, and personalized experiences for remote workers.

Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation platform offers multiple capabilities for enterprises such as:

1. Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

​Gives IT the ability to query all edge devices using natural language (NLP) and get real-time intelligence across the enterprise in seconds. It provides quick operational awareness, real-time inventory, and security configurations across the edge leveraging sensor-based architecture.

2. Ivanti Neurons for Healing

​Offers an army of automation bots to proactively detect, diagnose, and auto-remediate configuration drift issues, performance issues, compliance issues, and security issues for endpoints. Automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating a truly self-healing environment, reducing time and costs and improving employee experience.

3. Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

​Delivers accurate and actionable asset information in minutes. This provides visibility in real-time using active and passive scanning and third-party connectors. These provide normalized hardware and software inventory data, software usage information, and actionable insights to efficiently feed configuration management and asset management databases.

4. Ivanti Neurons Workspace

​Provides a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications, and services, with real-time data. This allows first-line analysts to resolve issues previously escalated to specialists. User and device views cut complexity, long wait times, and high escalation costs, resulting in faster end-user resolution and greater productivity.

5. Ivanti Neurons Patch Intelligence

Helps users easily research, prioritize, and receive better insights for patch management processes in one central location. Enables data and risk conversations between security and operations through operational collaboration. This acts on threats faster and reduces your time-to-patch to achieve your vulnerability remediation SLAs.

6. Ivanti Neurons Spend Intelligence

Provides instant insights into your software landscape and application spend for on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. It helps you improve operational speed, asset visibility, and utilization, and cut costs. Obtain detailed analysis within minutes, presented in engaging dashboards of your licenses, purchases, and instances, so you can track your purchase history, upcoming license renewals, contract expirations, and ongoing spending more effectively.

7. Ivanti Neurons HealthCare

Designed to help healthcare customers improve asset visibility and security-risk mitigation for medical devices to boost IT performance, strengthen security, and improve compliance across the estate with a smooth experience virtually unnoticed by clinicians, nurses, or hospital staff.

Ivanti Neurons provide real-time intelligence that you can act on. Empower your teams and your business to do more. See Ivanti Neurons Solutions Foundation for various multiple capabilities.

How can IT ensure that users have a quality user experience?

They need a complete picture of the landscape they oversee, visibility of all the assets, and the state of security while optimising costs across the services they provide. Managing all these complex requirements is made even more challenging by the need to deliver an experience that users value.

Ivanti Neurons is the hyper-automation platform you need to transform your enterprise. Ivanti Neurons increases your IT team with automation bots. Detect and resolve issues and security vulnerabilities in a proactive, predictive, and autonomous manner, with minimal impact on the user and business productivity.

There are foundational elements needed to accelerate your automation strategy to one of hyper-automation:

1. A strong discovery capability to find all assets in your environment.

2. The ability to make intelligent and contextual decisions when automating.

3. The right integrations and actions are available to resolve and heal issues.

At Adaptive we have the answer for the new era to proactively, predictably, and autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices, and self-service end-users. Ivanti neurons provide exactly the mentioned capabilities.

Schedule a demo to learn how Adaptive in partnership with Ivanti can help you avoid low IT quality user experience. Or if you think you’re ready to take the plunge into this new era, request a free trial.



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