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Change Grow Adapt

Change Grow Adapt

The thought of a major brand refresh is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering options of how to grow a business. The brand is usually one of the first items done when a company is formed and then left to mature as the business goes on. Many companies make very small tweaks to their brands as time goes on as to not alienate their current customers, but also to appeal to a new or much larger portion of their target audience.

So, it was in a bit of a roundabout way that Adaptive decided to refresh the corporate identity that has carried the business since its formation. As part of a revised go to market strategy, we considered updating our logo, website and general corporate identity as it was, after all, a significant period of change that we were about to embark on.

One of the first decisions we had to consider was our logo. We contracted our designer with a set brief to refresh but stay authentic to our identity and history. The designs delivered for review blew our minds. Not only for the great artistry and care to stay within scope, but also for the amazing variety of choices we had. The final decision was a simple one as one stood out from the rest.

The inspiration for the ultimate Adaptive design was an infinity shape along with the circle that signifies movement, growth and strength, whilst it can also symbolize a process. Adaptive is innovative, trustworthy and professional with a modern feel to it. A brand to be seen and remembered. The blue creates a sense of trust and calm whilst the more vibrant colours bring a refreshing energy and element of fun. Not only did we now have a very symbolic logo with vibrant supporting colours, but we had one more recommendation to consider. Refraining from referring to ourselves as Adaptive Dynamics and rather lead with Adaptive.

In hindsight, it was clear all along that we, customers, friends and colleagues referred to the business as Adaptive. So it was a quick decision to lead solely with Adaptive. Whilst we remain Adaptive Dynamics, we felt the simplicity and the fact that it accentuates a distinct quality not only in our business and personalities but in what we deliver to our customers. Being “Adaptive” allows one to change, grow and embrace opportunity and deal with adversity. Certainly a great quality to have and improve on.

Being adaptive is what we help our customers achieve when enabling their digital processes to serve their customers in their specific service areas. Allowing the flexibility to change, which allows and achieves growth and ultimately better customer experience.

As Adaptive, we are committed to helping our customers enable digital processes to deliver consistent and improved service. So, when you see Adaptive on our new website, LinkedIn or Facebook feeds, we hope that you will be inspired to #Change #Grow #Adapt with us.

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